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Currently, Neoteric is accepting Referring Agents only. So that we can provide even more personal service, we have suspended Dealerships and Distributorships until further notice. This will allow our customers and potential customers to work directly with Neoteric’s corporate headquarters.

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Agent Dealer Notice


Would you like to earn money by referring potential customers to Neoteric? As a Referring Agent, when you send customers to us, we’ll give you a 3% commission for every successful sale. You’re not required to carry stock; all you need to do is own a HoverTrek purchased directly from Neoteric that you can use for demonstrations. Both individuals and businesses can become Referring Agents.

Hovercraft are a novel means of transportation with a broad market ready to be tapped. Boating enthusiasts, weekend vacationers, racing buffs, aviation devotees, fishermen and sportsmen are all potential buyers, as well as rescue teams, civil defense forces, and a variety of commercial users. You can even appeal to the do-it-yourselfer because the Hovertrek is available in partially assembled hovercraft kits.

Neoteric is the most experienced light hovercraft manufacturer in the world, which shows in our advanced research and technology. Neoteric hovercraft incorporate important innovations not available on models produced by other manufacturers. Unique features such as our patented reverse thrust system; our anti-plow hull; our one-person, static loading and unloading trailer system; and a sizable array of options and accessories give our Referring Agents a competitive edge.

We can help you get off the ground with Neoteric Hovercraft! Once you’re a HoverTrek owner, it takes only two steps to earn your 3% commission:

• Refer potential customers to Neoteric.

Contact us with your name and the potential customer’s name, and when the sale is completed, we’ll send you a check.