Instructional Videos

As the original light hovercraft manufacturer, we at Neoteric value our 40-year reputation for serving our customers with honesty, integrity and a genuine interest in helping you maintain your hovercraft for economic, dependable and long-life operation. Since we will never allow public image to take priority over customer satisfaction and safety, we will not hesitate to make you aware of even the most minor issues with our hovercraft.

In this spirit, please be assured that we will publicize here any issue reported by our customers or learned through continual research and testing by Neoteric engineers, and will provide maintenance instructions to prevent the issue from affecting your hovercraft.

Below you will find valuable instructional videos regarding the care and maintenance of your Neoteric hovercraft.

Instructional videos

Thurst duct removal and fan nuts replacement

How to Adjust Reverse Thrust Bucket

Installation of Instrument Panel and Windshield

Trailer of Neoteric Hovercraft 4 Passenger Swing-Arm Roll-on/Roll-Off

Loading Hovercraft onto Hover on/Hover off Trailer

Fix Hirth Starter Motor

Installing Manual Recoil Starter

Simplified Reverse Thrust Computer Test

Danger of Hovercraft Climbing Fast Flowing Rapids

Danger of Hovercraft Operation in Turbulent Fast Flowing Water

Danger of Hovercraft Operation in Low Head Dam

How to Adjust Inline and Side by Side Seat

How to Reset Reverse Thrust Bucket