Tim Juzyk

Tim Juzyk decided to build his own 4-passenger recreational hovercraft from Neoteric’s Hovertrek™ Deluxe Partially Assembled Hovercraft Kit (Model #3706 with a 55 hp engine). He says the capabilities of Neoteric’s reverse thrust system, along with side-by-side seating, were major factors in his decision to go with Neoteric.

Tim says, “My ranch is just a mile from the Platte River. The word “Nebraska” is derived from a Native American word that means “flat water” because of the Platte. It’s a great place for a hovercraft because it’s wide, shallow and extends for hundreds of miles. I plan to use my hovercraft mostly to explore the nearby Platte and its tributary, the Loup River, with family and friends.”

Building his hovercraft was a family project for Tim. He says, “I enjoyed working with my nephews and brother to build the hovercraft. Andy (in the photos) is one of my nephews. He’s 8 years old and he’s sure eager for a ride in the hovercraft!”

Enjoy a few photos as Tim builds his hovercraft – with Andy’s help …