Ivanov's Preliminary Material

More to come…

I am now off on a very big project of re-equiping a large sailing trimaran in Thailand. Therefore I can no devote a lot of my time to testing my Hovercraft or a description of its assembly.

But all the same here is some information.

1. I do not recommend my followers bring the Hovercraft to a rapid stop because this puts a big strain on the sidexside seats. The Neoteric seat design is for easy (gentle) stops, but in Russia we are hard on equipment. Perhaps the inline seat would be better for use in Russia.

2. Adjustment of the computer managing the mechanism of the reverser is often required until it settles down. Before using you will adjust, and a bit later it will need re-adjustment. Computer adjustment is made by very small screwdriver, and to get it into the groove on the computer is very difficult. It would be good, instead of these small screws there could be small handles which could be twisted by finger.

3. We decided to fit protective tapes for protection of the under hull. It will protect the bottom from the damage of landing on pebbles or sharp stones.

4. The fishing rod holders have a tough time with vibration and might need a better attachment idea.

5. I have also established a switch to turn off the DC battery on the back seat.

6. Assembly of the Hovercraft has not caused any problem. I have strenghtened the fastening of the shroud.

7. I have established the aerial of radio station in other place than Neoteric suggested. Now is can be inclined foward so that cover of Hovercraft will work.

8. I am very pleased with my Hovercraft, I have altered the foward seat and made it rigid. I have strengthened the back seat.

The design of the Hovercraft is very much liked. I have other remarks to make in the future but for the present, my Hovercraft is simply amazing!