Charlie Wolfe

14 March, 2023

First questions as Charlie was completing the assembly

He had questions about installing the thrust flange and shroud. He could not find the engine hold down bolts or the shroud bolts so extras were sent. He had question about the video showing the machinery module installation so a verbal description was given during a phone conversation with the Neoteric team. He said he felt he was on the right track, just wanted to make sure. The next day Charlie asked about nylon spacers between the vibration mounts and the engine frame. It was explained that they were used as shims to achieve the correct engine module height.

17 March, 2023

Charlie needed help in locating the bucket vertical hinge tubes.

By the 20th March 2023, he was ready to calibrate the reverse thrust system. Apparently the kit was shipped without stamped the HIN plates and the front navigation light was missing. This was dispatched immediately.

Help was provided with calibration of the reverse thrust system and the lever position adjustment screw which was explained during a phone conversation with the factory. He was almost done with assembling the craft.

Shortly after, on the 5th May, Charlie called to say he already had 15 hours hovering and he sent the following video.

He also wanted to install some additional parts such as extra glove box and storage shelf and more grab handles.

12 May, 2023

Charlie enquired where several pieces of black foam were supposed to be used. These surround the thrust bell and support the machinery. We sent a link to the Neoteric website under manuals showing the foam kit and its installation. Apparently, the craft still functioned successfully without the foam being installed.