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The time has come. After 50 years of intensive research and development, Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. has reached its long-term goal. With the most technologically advanced light hovercraft on the market, the facilities set up and manufacturing systems in place for mass production, we are now ready to transfer our assets to a person or entity with the resources to take our operation to the next level. Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. is available for purchase. Capitalize on our reputation, expertise and investment.

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Neoteric Spotlight
Rescue hovercraft video, Ice rescue vehicles, First responder safety,
Swedish Sea Rescue Society Neoteric hovercraft
Save lives safely in ice rescue operations
A Neoteric hovercraft reduces the many risks of ice rescues. As once example, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, responsible for 70% of all ice and water rescues in Sweden, depend on their two Neoteric hovercraft to take them where no other vehicle can go.
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Hovercraft video Cure for cabin Fever
Cabin Fever? Here's the cure!
Have you stowed away your boats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes and ATVs while you watch the winter wonderland from inside? Here's what you could be doing with a hovercraft - the perfect cure for Cabin Fever - all year long!
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Custom hovercraft image
Hovercraft customized for world's most remote private island.
Home Island, in the Pacific Ocean, is the world's most remote private island. Surrounded by an impassable coral reef and non-navigable mudflats that are a protected habitat, the only vehicle that can access the island is a customized Neoteric hovercraft.
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 Rescue hovercraft image, River rescue boat, Swift water rescue boats, Brazos River, Somervell County Fire Department Neoteric hovercraft
Man, pregnant wife rescued from Brazos River by Neoteric Hovercraft
A husband and his pregnant wife, lost on the Brazos River in Texas, were rescued by Somervell County Fire Department's Neoteric hovercraft. Fire Chief Mark Crawford says their hovercraft “is very useful for our river rescues when the water moves from too shallow to deep. It hovers 9 inches above the surface so swift water and hidden obstacles don't affect it.”
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Photo Hovercraft Ice rescue equipment First responder safety
A Neoteric hovercraft saves another life
Iowa’s Council Bluffs Fire Dept. saved a fisherman who had fallen through the ice – without putting first responders into freezing water. Fire Chief Justin James reported, "The amount of time it took us to get out there would have been drastically longer if we didn't have the hovercraft.”
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Hybrid Airship Lockheed Martin Skunk Works P-791
Neoteric contributes to development of Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship
Lockheed Martin’s test pilots came to Neoteric for flight training and to study hovercraft technology before their first Hybrid Airship, the P-791, was finalized. That knowledge is now a major feature of their new ACLS (Air Cushion Landing System) Hybrid Airship.
Full story with video/photos …

Image hovercraft Hai Pai Gu Chaoxi WenPing Feng
China market welcomes Neoteric Hovercraft
Neoteric’s agent, China Hai Pai Hovercraft, Ltd., is the leading hovercraft company in China, and its President, Mr. Huang Xiaogang, is conducting superior marketing efforts for Neoteric. He recently presented our hovercraft to Mr. Gu ChaoXi, Vice-Minister of Civil Affairs, and to with Major General WenPing Feng, a Commander in the Chinese People's Liberation Army. 
Full story and photo gallery …

China hovercraft Yellow River Tourist Attractions LuLiang Jujube Festival Qikou
Hovercraft training for China tourism
Neoteric Hovercraft are a popular tourist attraction in China. Recently, Yellow River Tourist Attractions in LuLiang gave flight training to additional pilots after boosting their fleet with two new Neoteric hovercraft. After the training, the Team’s Neoteric craft was featured at the famous Jujube (Red Date) Festival in Qikou Ancient City.
Full story & photo gallery …

Hovercraft Pakistan Air Force Sea Survival School
Pakistan Air Force hovercraft flight training
In 2013 the Pakistan Air Force purchased two Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft – but didn’t undergo pilot training. As a result, their hovercraft suffered damage. Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald spent a week in Pakistan to refurbish both hovercraft and conduct flight and maintenance training. 
Full story/photos …

Image hovercraft video Rescue hovercraft demo flight
Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft launches in Poland
The owner is an important national water rescue organization, who says, "Our new hovercraft can fly over water, ice, mud, sand, grass or wetlands, allowing us to get to places you can't reach by boat or by foot. This machine can save people under the most difficult weather conditions that prevent the use of a helicopter.”
Full story/video …

Neoteric hovercraft in mining operations
Barrick Gold Corporation’s Pueblo Viejo mine in the Dominican Republic, one of the world’s largest gold and silver mines, relies on a Neoteric hovercraft – the only vehicle able to travel over its hazardous tailings ponds.
Full story & photos …

Military Hovercraft manufacturer Military hovercrafts videos
Neoteric Military Hovercraft in Global Use
The world’s armed forces are realizing the value of the Neoteric military hovercraft.  Read how nations including Pakistan, Viet Nam and South Korea are using their Neoteric craft, - and watch videos …

Minnesota iron ore mining dust suppression hovercraft image
Hovercraft in Minnesota Mining Operations
Custom manufactured Neoteric hovercraft have significantly improved dust suppression efforts at a major taconite (iron ore) mining site in Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range. Read the full story, with video & photos …

Image hovercraft munitions detection system MEC/UXO
Hovercraft Munitions Detection System
Tetra Tech, Inc. collaborated with Neoteric to produce a MEC/UXO munitions detection system able to access areas where no other watercraft can travel, where sensitive habitat is only inches beneath the water’s surface. Read the story …

Navy LCAC Craftmaster training Neoteric Hovercraft image
Navy LCAC pilots train on Neoteric craft
U.S. Navy trainers visit Neoteric to explore the feasibility of using Neoteric craft for training military LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) and SSC (Ship-to-Shore Connector) craftmasters. Full story & photos …

 Neoteric - The Original Light Hovercraft Manufacturer

Neoteric hovercraft are recognized as the industry standard for rescue, military, commercial and personal recreational light hovercraft. Founded in 1960, Neoteric is the world’s original and most experienced hovercraft manufacturer, with clientele in 50 nations. The Neoteric Hovertrek is the only hovercraft available with effective brakes, and is the lightest and quietest production hovercraft in the industry... more
SALE: New & Used Hovercraft Get discount prices on recreational, rescue or commercial hovercraft! Our Trade-In Showroom offers you new and pre-owned hovercraft used for demos or promotions or traded in by customer who bought new hovercraft.
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Indonesian Marine Police rely on Neoteric Hovercraft

The Indonesian Marine Police recently purchased seven custom-made Neoteric Gator Hovercraft to combat illegal fishing, smuggling and piracy. Here, Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald gives the General and other Marine Police officials a demo flight during flight training conducted in Jakarta.
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HoverTrek™ conquers most dangerous rapids

A Neoteric hovercraft easily and safely flies over the world's fourth-largest dangerous rapids on the Yellow River in Quikou, China - the first time ever for a hovercraft.
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The Gator 6-passenger Hovercraft, Indonesia.

Neoteric conducts thorough performance testing for one of seven 6-passenger Gator Hovercraft to be utilized by the Indonesian National Police.
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Harvey flooding photo Houston Texas flood rescue hovercraft
Neoteric Hovercraft "invaluable" in Texas flood rescues
Mansfield Fire Rescue, Somervell County Fire Department and Brock-Dennis Fire Rescue in Texas have deployed their hovercraft in Hurricane Harvey aftermath. Mansfield’s Capt. William Franks says, “The benefit of having the hovercraft is we do not have to send our personnel into the water to retrieve victims. It can also hover over logs, car tires and any other debris, unlike boats, that could be a hazard in the water. A hovercraft is the answer to a faster rescue – a safer rescue.”
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Neoteric Hovercraft increase security in Mexico Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities. Now, thanks to the two Neoteric hovercraft operated by Seguridad de Guanajuato, the state public security force, it could also be one of the safest. The hovercraft will be used on Lake Yuriria for drug enforcement, water rescues and more.
Full story with photos …

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